An Intimate Wedding at The Abbey in Peekskill New York

An intimate wedding at The Abbey in Peekskill New York.

Friday, April 1st, 2022

By The Harpins

An intimate wedding at The Abbey in Peekskill New York is the perfect setting for romance, fun, and an astonishing historic backdrop for your big day! If you are looking for an incredible venue in New York, make sure to add The Abbey to your list to check out.

The Morning

Dave and Nicole spent the morning separate, getting ready with each of their wedding parties. The two enjoyed the company of their closest friends and family before heading to St. Ann’s in Nyack to tie the knot.

Nicole and her bridesmaids laughed, celebrated, and got ready at a nearby hotel. Whereas Dave and his groomsman got ready at the church.

Once Nicole was ready to make her way to the ceremony, she rode to the church in style. A vintage car!

A Late Fall Wedding at The Abbey in Peekskill New York

On a cloudy December afternoon, Dave and Nicole gathered at the historic church, one in which has been a part of Nicole’s life since she was a child. Dave and Nicole started their wedding day at a meaningful place.

In addition, Dave’s pastor traveled all the way from North Carolina to be their official marriage officiant. From the prayers, to the moment they said “I do”, Dave’s pastor lead the ceremony.

With friends and family coming in from all over, even part of Nicole’s family took the flight over from Ireland to be there to celebrate their big day.

Blasted with confetti on their exit, Nicole and Dave got ready to board their bus. Next, along with the wedding party, they headed over to The Abbey for their celebration.

In fact, the newlyweds, with their wedding party, enjoyed some downtime in the afternoon. They celebrated with food, drinks, and gathering around watching their favorite soccer teams play.

An intimate wedding at The Abbey in Peekskill New York.

The Evening at The Abbey in Peekskill New York

The late afternoon was filled with exploring the venue with Dave and Nicole. Initially, we headed upstairs to the Cornerstone Room for a private dance. From there, we walked through the middle courtyard, as the rain subsided for some time. Although cloudy, the venue was still quite beautiful with the scenery and center fountain.

An intimate wedding at The Abbey in Peekskill New York.


The rest of the night was filled with speeches, a delicious dinner, and plenty of rowdiness on the dance floor! Dave and Nicole enjoyed the night with their reception held in the Highlands Ballroom.

We met Dave and Nicole precisely 76 hours before they said “I do”. In fact, we hopped on a virtual coffee date to chat, and relieved their anxiety and panic from hearing the news. Unfortunately, their photographer tested positive for Covid days prior. Reaching out to us with short notice, we did everything we could to save their day! No pressure of course. From the moment we arrived though we had to make this day extra special.

Dave and Nicole did not let this ruin their incredible wedding day! They enjoyed every moment with huge smiles on their faces.

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