5 Myths About Choosing to Elope

Tuesday, April 19th, 2022

By The Harpins

What do you think of when you hear the word elopement? For many, you are probably picturing a small white chapel, Vegas lights and Elvis officiating the ceremony. While YES we can totally still make this vision happen if this is what you are hoping for! Seriously, we can make a new trend with our creative twist to this vision! But for many fortunately this image has changed quite a bit over the years. So let’s debunk all those myths about choosing to elope and truly describe what an elopement is.

What is an Elopement?

The most exciting part about an elopement is that it really CAN be anything you want it to be! Which is why it can be difficult to come up with a true definition of what an elopement is. Eloping is breaking free of the traditional “norms” that are associated with wedding days and truly making the most special day of your lives YOURS. Eloping allows you to do exactly what you want.

The best part of eloping is that you decide exactly what kind of day reflects the love you have developed together. For many that chose this elopement option the idea of a traditional wedding doesn’t speak to them. Seating charts, detailed invitations, large parties are among a list of “to do’s” when it comes to planning a wedding.

While you can still include certain traditional parts. Your elopement will give your the freedom to do away with the tedious tasks and focus on doing the things that bring you the most joy to celebrate your love. This is an option to take back your wedding day and make it 100% YOURS.

Choosing to Elope Without The Myths

Just like traditional weddings, there are a multitude of options when it comes to planning your elopement. This is the best part! You have so many options. Yet, it can be hard if you do not have an amazing team to help you.

Do you and your partner love hiking together? Perfect, you can choose your favorite hike on your elopement day and end with your sunset ceremony at the summit. Are the two of you National Park chasers checking off the most iconic views in the country? Even better, spend the day in your favorite or bucket list park with a beautiful ceremony captured by your photographer/videographer!

Or are you a beach lover? Does your day sound perfect if you are walking barefoot down the white sand beaches along the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean? Let’s make it happen for you! We can help you plan a beautiful beach ceremony with a romantic dinner by the water.

Or are you the adventure junkie? If action is what you want for you big day, than let’s start planning the epic adventure. A full-day of rock-climbing, 4-wheeling, cliff jumping, or skiing can be the ultimate wedding day. YES, you can include any of these activities during your elopement.

Seriously, the possibilities are endless, so what are you waiting for?

5 Myths About Choosing to Elope

1. Families Can’t Be Present if You Elope.

You can’t have any family there… obviously this is WRONG. If you want to have your family at your ceremony than this can definitely be done. Of course, you may have to change the location of your ceremony to accommodate this, but it can easily be planned.

Or another option would be to have a small party for your family after your elopement. Either way, your family can be a huge part of your elopement day.

However, you may want to make sure to keep parts of your day for just you and your partner. The best part of choosing to elope is that you get the intimate moments often missed at a traditional wedding.

In the end, eloping is being able to choose the day that meets your dreams. So, you have all the control in creating what your dream day looks like.

An elopement in Tulum, Mexico. The myths about choosing to elope are outdated and wrong. Elopements offer a new and exciting way to say "I do".

2. You Will Regret Choosing the “Cheap” Wedding Option.

While the cost of an elopement can vary based on what it is you are planning to do, it is not only for those trying to spend less on a wedding. Elopements are still an investment.

It can definitely be a smaller cost than a large wedding. But elopements are still expensive. The only difference is that you are spending the money in a different way. Instead of a fancy and expensive venue, you are taking that money to live out an adventure you have always wanted to go on with your partner.

Think about it, would you rather spend thousands of dollars on food for your distant relatives, or take that money for a once-in-a-lifetime helicopter ride out to a glacier? Which day will leave you with the most memorable memories between you and your partner? It is all about you on your big day.

3. Choosing to Elope is Selfish.

A huge myth about choosing to elope is that it is selfish. Really, is choosing to spend your wedding day the way you want, selfish? A wedding day is all about you and your partner. It should not matter about anyone else.

Many have the misconception that their families will be mad at them if they choose to elope. While some definitely may, it could be because they do not have the right idea of what choosing to elope actually looks like.

In the end though, it is your decision. While you can’t change other people’s perception, it’s important to remember this is YOUR wedding day, no one else’s and you are allowed to spend the day how you want.

Your wedding equals creating the most memorable day of your life. This is the start of your new life together. The best way to start, is through a day that truly represents your love and relationship.

An elopement in Connecticut, United States. The myths about choosing to elope are outdated and wrong. Elopements offer a new and exciting way to say "I do".

4. Choosing to Elope is Not Meaningful.

A myth about choosing to elope is that it is not as meaningful as having a large wedding. Honestly, it could not be further from the truth. An elopement is as special as you can make your wedding day.

An elopement is a different way to spend your wedding day. So, most of society has yet to catch up to this new wave. In fact, you can’t be alarmed if many question your decision to pursue a nontraditional wedding. This is just part choosing something out of the norm.

So, what makes choosing to elope so special? This is your WEDDING DAY and it should be everything you ever dreamed about. There are so many ways to incorporate meaningful moments throughout your day.

From picking out a gorgeous dress to wear, to writing your own vows to express your love, your day is still filled with more meaning than you are ready for. An elopement has more meaning, as you get to fill your day with everything that has the most meaning in your relationship. The full freedom to make every aspect of your day truly yours, is what makes choosing to elope so special.

5. There is No Way to Document the Day!

One of the biggest myths about choosing to elope is that no one will be able to share this day with you… if they weren’t there! Well, this is where picking out a photographer and videographer comes in.

Your photo/video duo is there to make sure they get the epic shots you have been dreaming of, and so you have some special memories to share with your family.

As elopement SPECIALIST our one job is to make sure your day is captured authentically, and in the most raw form. Whether you are having an elopement, or a traditional wedding, you should absolutely have it captured. Photos and videos are ways to hold on to your memories for a lifetime. These precious moments are PRICELESS.

Are You Ready to Stop Letting Myths Prevent You From Eloping?

Are all the signs pointing for you to elope? If fear is the only thing holding you back from choosing something different, then let us help you! Sometimes all it takes is talking to the right people who have experience in what you are looking to accomplish.

Your elopement should be nothing short of EPIC! We want to eliminate the doubt from past myths you have heard about eloping. We are here to help you through the planning process to make your dreams come to life!

As a destination elopement team we make sure your day is effortless. We will help you through defining your vision, picking the perfect location, booking your favorite activities, helping with logistics of lodging/transportation, creating a personalized timeline and making every moment MEANINGFUL.

An elopement in Tulum, Mexico. The myths about choosing to elope are outdated and wrong. Elopements offer a new and exciting way to say "I do".

Myths about choosing to elope can stop you from pursuing your dream wedding day. Don’t let it! Elopements can be the perfect way to tie the knot. The new wave of choosing to elope is far different. However, don’t let the idea of pursuing something new stop you from creating the ultimate day with the one you love.

Need some more information? Read our blog on Planning an Elopement Checklist.

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